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I have two children with KidsActLA. My daughter is 8 and has booked a few commercials. She especially loved the Mattel one. My two-year baby participated in the photo course and got great headshots out of that. He worked on one commercial and was very good, as he had done that before at the school. My niece is in LA, so we are looking forward to the LA office to open up. My sister is ecstatic, because she didn't want to drive down. Some parents do it though. We are local, so it's been easy. Tip: If you really hate driving to LA to auditions, which can be on the week end, this is not for you!   – Lora M
My 12-year-old son has booked quite a bit of work. Especially, because we don't accept that many auditions.He has been really enjoying the classes, especially. My husband and I didn't care whether our son was going to get jobs or not, as we did this for the education. But he loves it all. As long as he does, we'll keep on taking him.   – Janine S
My child wanted to do this very much. My wife also was pushing it. He made it in the bigger program and my wife was all for it. So I paid the money and prayed. He got very confident, which to us was all we could hope for. I knew that was going to happen, but didn't know to what extent this would work. But he got it all. Five commercials and he is on avail for guest star appearance. Fingers crossed.   – William D
Yep, it's worth it. My two daughter have really changed alot through this. They are afraid of nothing now! Especially not speaking in front of a crowd. Then there are the three jobs that they already got. My six-year-old did two and my four-year-old did one. So far so good.   – Elisa W
"My five children and I have had a great experience with KIDSACTLA Acting School. After spending thousands of dollars on an ineffective acting school, we came to KIDSACTLA. I was very pleased with the level of education that my children received, the expertise of the instructors, and the professionalism of the staff. Because of KIDSACTLA ’s relationship with talent agents, my children were able to secure agents after a short time. More importantly, they gained confidence, developed public speaking skills, and had a great time. Thank you, KIDSACTLA!" – Amy Osmond Cook
"Hi Vanessa, Helen, Curtis, Dawn and everyone else! Just wanted to let you all know that Veronica McFarlane (KIDSACTLA student from last year) just 'officially' signed theatrical, commercial and voice over with Clear Talent Group! She just booked and taped a feature role on Nickelodeon's “Victorious” television show and has completed 3 student short films. I wanted you all to know how grateful we are for KIDSACTLA's very awesome support! We hope to get over there soon to visit and Veronica would love to put her photo up on your 'wall of KIDSACTLA kids" !!" Thanks again, – Margaret McFarlane

Veronica McFarlane signing with Clear Talent Group.




My husband and I would like to thank Helen and the staff at KIDSACTLA for all they've done for our family. We were constantly told by family and friends that Caleb should be an actor but were skeptical of acting schools. When we first came to KIDSACTLA and met with Helen and her jaw dropped when Caleb went through the evaluation process we knew were on the right track. When Helen promised auditions with top agents and guaranteed Caleb would be working we felt we had chosen the right place for Caleb to begin his acting career. Those promises were met. Caleb signed with a top agent/agency and had worked several jobs in the four years we've been here. We're looking forward to the day when Caleb's name will be on a billboard or accepting an Oscar. – Seaneen Rutledge


Caleb Rutledge

  • principal Mattel industrial
  • extra on Charter Communication commercial
  • principal Apple Store industrial
  • principal Suntrust Bank commercial
  • principal TV Promo for Lifetime – Seriously Funny Kids with Heidi Klum


My 4 yr old son has been attending classes at KIDSACTLA since October 2011. We really didn't know what to expect but have been so impressed with the teachers and staff. They have taught him how to audition and perform in front of a large audience. My son has never been shy, but they taught him how to be poised when speaking in front of an audience. He expresses himself with more confidence and clarity. The teachers are incredible. They are able to teach children to perform with “star” quality that makes them shine. They are resourceful and experienced in the business and really want your child to succeed in the industry. Same goes for the office staff that really make it all work! They bring in reputable agents from LA every weekend so the children have an opportunity to audition and get signed. Many of the students we have met get signed on by agents because they are so well trained and prepared for their auditions. It's truly a testament to the wonderful teachers and staff of KIDSACTLA! – Lynden K

Lynden K:


My daughter joined the program in the fall and has taken classes with all the teachers. She absolutely loves coming to class, no matter which one it is. The teachers are very knowledgeable, fun and motivating and my daughter has learnt a lot. She recently got signed with an agent – which would never have happened without the KIDSACTLA training! – but have not gone on any auditions yet. When my daughter was preparing for a talent show, Helen, the owner, and Curtis, one of the teachers, gave her a couple of private singing lessons. She got such good feedback and advice from both of them, it made her performance a hundred times better. Yes, the program is pricey, but if you have time to take your child to classes, it is definitely worth it!   – Emmalisa Randrup